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Tax Law

Conte & Giacomini offers:

  • assistance and defense in tax litigation in front of the tax judges (both national and UE), including the highest courts(e.g. Tax Court , Court of Cassation, Court of Justice, etc.) concerning:
  • any type of tax (direct and indirect tax, property tax, such as irpef, ires, irap, registration fee, inheritance tax and tax on gifts, VAT, duties, tax on homes, waste tax, tax on advertising, tax on financial and insurance products, tax on social security, tax on dividends, stock options and  investment funds, etc.);
  • any form of received document (assessment notice, payment card, recovery document, etc.);
  • any kind of immediate assessment (banking, inductive, sector study, redditometer, etc.);
  • advice to evaluate (by way of example):
  • the position of the taxpayer (natural person, firm, society, association, foundation or corporation) before, after, or during tax compliances;
  • tax implications of import / export transactions (with regards to VAT matters, duties, etc.);
  • taxation of typical activities of shipowners and / or charter companies (e.g. acquisition, rental, repair of ship /recreational craft, refuelling and supplies, etc.);
  • taxation of ports and airports. Aviation and navigation companies
  • the eventuality of the abusive / elusive nature of an operation (e.g. company, etc.) or behaviour;
  • problems relating to the residence abroad of an Italian taxpayer or the residence in Italy of foreign taxpayers and other transnational problems (permanent establishment, transfer price etc.);
  • any liability for tax illicit and / or tax crimes (e.g. incorrect or fraudulent declaration, etc.) and / or presumed crimes (e.g.recycling, etc.) or otherwise related to the previuos ones;
  • precautionary measures that can be taken by the financial administration, e.g. Equipital (e.g. kidnapping, immobilising of a vehicle, mortgages on property, foreclosure, etc.) and / or by the criminal magistrate (e.g. preventive confiscation by equivalent, seizure, etc.);
  • the legitimate adoption of defence  instruments of assets (trusts, etc.);
  • the opportunity to use “ordinary” remedies (e.g. tax settlement, facilitated definition of sanctions, etc.) or otherwise extraordinary remedies (amnesties and tax shields, voluntary disclosure, scrapping of folders etc.) to avoid litigation;
  • compliance with the requirements for access to replacement tax schemes and / or benefit tax regimes (revaluation of assets, shareholdings, facilitated assignment of assets to members, etc.).

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National taxation

We offer legal advice regarding any form of taxation (both at a national and local level) and fiscal position (Privates, companies, nonprofit organizations); particular focus is given to the interaction between national law and the EU principles and regulation (as for fundamental freedoms; the prohibition of the abuse of law, the prohibition of “fiscal” State aids, etc) and taxation in the maritime and Port sectors.

International taxation

The consultancy activity is orientated mainly towards impositions (VAT, duties, etc.) related to the importation and exportation of services and products and, more broadly, to all issues related to the enforcement of Conventions in order to avoid double impositions and the administrative cooperation agreements..

Remissions, fiscal amnesty and taxes on amnesties

Consultancy currently regarding the defense of the position of tax payers, also on the basis of the late law amendments and future ones.

Tax contentious

Defense and assistance during tax controls and within the prejudicial conciliation; drafting of appeals and defenses at every state of the trial proceeding.

Assistance in the relations between the Fiscal Administration

Defense and legal assistance, also trough the drafting of petitions to the tax authorities (both national and local).