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Author: Manuela Giacomini

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L’Unione europea e i diritti delle donne

Gender equality is one of the fundamental principles of Community law. For this reason, the European Union places a great deal of attention towards this issue, so much so that it pursues one of the most advanced policies on gender equality in the world. Therefore, among its objectives figure the fight against discrimination based on sex in order to ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment between men and women. Since we believe that the issue related to equality between men and women is of great importance, on October 27th 2014 starting at 3 pm at Palazzo della Meridiana - Salone Novecento...

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La lotta contro l’abuso e lo sfruttamento sessuale dei minori, dal diritto dell’Unione Europea al diritto nazionale

On April 6th, Italy adopted the European Directive 2011/93/EU, on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, by the Legislative Decree 39/2014. The purpose of the Directive is to further coordinate and consolidate criminal laws of the European Members relating to sexual abuse and exploitation of children, child pornography and solicitation of children for sexual purposes. Therefore, it established minimum rules concerning the definition of such offenses and related penalties, and it introduced provisions to strengthen the prevention of such offenses and the protection of child victims . Furthermore, in order to avoid...

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Corride ancora in piedi grazie ai finanziamenti europei.

European taxpayers’ money is  subsidizing the bloody sport of bullfighting in Spain to the tune of 129.600.000 € a year via EU agricultural subsidies, even though it is banned in many of the Member States. Under the pretext of agricultural development, Spain spends the money received from the "Common Agriculture Policy" (CAP) for bullfights because without such backing [bullfighting] it would probably be on the brink of financial collapse. Ogni anno l’Unione europea, tramite i fondi della Politica Agricola Comune (PAC), finanzia l’industria della corrida spagnola. Questo è quanto emerge da un recente report denominato “Toros & Taxes” redatto da un...

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