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Author: Luca Robustelli

Conte & Giacomini Avvocati > Articles posted by Luca Robustelli

Revenge Porn, ovvero le relazioni al tempo dei social

Because of the many recent criminal news about unauthorized publications of sexually explicit videos, Australia, Germany, Israel, Canada, UK and more of half of the United States established a new and specific type of offence concerning the so-called “revenge porn” or “revenge pornography”. Indeed, the wide spread use of social networks, in the West, and the resulting emptying of relationships caused severe forms of sexual revenge on the internet in case of separation. For this reason, many Western countries (and this year also Italy) provided for a specific crime to ensure a person’s freedom and right to privacy in sexual matters. Before this...

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Può un androide difendere un imputato? Ipotesi applicative dell’intelligenza artificiale sulle scelte in udienza preliminare

Sull’onda del successo del Convegno “DET” (Diritto Economia e Tecnologia), organizzato dal Consiglio dell’Ordine degli Avvocati di Genova e tenutosi nel capoluogo ligure il 10 ed 11/5/2019, è sicuramente opportuno fare alcune ipotesi circa l’applicabilità dell’intelligenza artificiale (il cui sviluppo appare, in una prospettiva di medio termine, inevitabile ed inarrestabile) all’attività finalizzata a selezionare ed imbrigliare le possibili scelte, cui si trova di fronte l’avvocato penalista, nel momento in cui è chiamato ad assistere un imputato nella fase dell’udienza preliminare. Si tratta di un primo, timido e prudente tentativo di proporre al pubblico (ma, prima di tutto, a noi stessi avvocati...

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Le concessioni: un tema interdisciplinare oggi all’ordine del giorno in ambito penale

In this last year, our Law Firm has dealt with issues related to the incidence, in criminal matters, of facts related to Public permissions. We refer today to the tragic collapse of the Morandi Bridge, which affected and still affects the life of our beloved City of Genoa.  Il nostro Studio ha avuto modo, in questo ultimo e difficilissimo anno, di occuparsi di questioni relative all’incidenza, nel diritto penale, di fatti specificamente inerenti al tema delle concessioni. Ci si riferisce, in particolare, al tragico crollo del Ponte Morandi, che tanto ha colpito ed ancora condiziona la vita della nostra amata Genova,...

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“Amore liquido” e nuove proposte in materia di matrimonio: il “covenant marriage”

"Loneliness generates insecurity, but so does the sentimental relationship: In a relationship, you can feel as insecure as you would be without it, or even worse. Only the name you give to your anxiety changes". This is the most quoted sentence contained in the book "Liquid Love" (Laterza, 2003), that the famous philosopher and thinker Zygmunt Bauman has dedicated to affective and sexual relationships, in the context of this age characterized by strong uncertainty.  In a consolidated pessimistic framework characterized by the inability of the younger generation to face definitive choices such as the marriage, the Senator Simone Pillon recently stated to...

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“Non guardarmi:non ti sento”. Prove di comunicazione (mancata) tra la normativa penale, in materia di estinzione del reato per condotte riparatorie (art- 162 “ter“ c.p.), e la normativa civile in materia di offerta reale

“Article n. 162 “ter” c.p. (Italian Criminal Code), introduced with Law n. 103/2017, allows the defendant to ask – in certain cases - for the declaration of extinction of the crime, when he proves to have provided for the compensation for damages, or to have offered the compensation – by an institution called “offerta reale” (articles n. 1209 and following Italian Civil Code) - despite the person offended by the crime does not want to accept this offer.  In this case, the recognition by the judge of the congruity of the "quantum" offered, allows the defendant to "bypass" the denial...

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Spunti sulla riforma del giudizio penale di fronte alla Corte di Cassazione prevista dalla Legge n. 103/2017: tra deflazione del contenzioso ed efficienza dell’organizzazione.

The 2017 Doing Business report - evaluating time and cost of business controversies -considers Italy in the 108th position in a ranking of 190 countries; the other most important EU countries have been placed in a higher position. The First President of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation - Dr. Giovanni Canzio as well took into consideration this statement in the evaluation of the mode of operation of Italian civil and criminal justice. Law no. 103/2017 – exactly in order to make Italian criminal justice more efficient and capable of ensuring the application of criminal law - amended the procedural law applicable...

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Eventi meteorologici straordinari: lo studio Conte & Giacomini ottiene un importante risultato nel processo per l’alluvione di Genova del 4/11/2011.

The article of Sole 24 Ore entitled "Extraordinary events: Mayors overexposed and with few resources", written by Veronica Nicotra, General Secretary of National Italian Municipalities Association, is the outcome of the trial held before the Court of Genoa - concerning charges of unintentional disaster, unintentional homicide of six people and public misrepresentations - with regard to the flood occurred in Genoa on  November  4th, 2011. Conte & Giacomini Law Firm was assigned (in 2012) to represent Mr Sandro Gambelli, the director of the Civil Protection Department of the Municipality of Genoa in 2011, who had been investigated and subsequently charged for...

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La responsabilità penale del medico radiologo

Our Law Firm has recently obtained the acquittal of a Radiologist chargedwith manslaughter of a ninety-years-oldpatient who had arrived at the Emergency Department aftera bad fall on the bus.The Public Prosecutor’s Office accused the Radiologist of a wrong  diagnosisabout the presence of a pulmonary thromboembolism, with a consequentunnecessary heparin treatmentwhich would have provoked the patient's death. At the end, the Court of Genoa excludedthe Radiologist’s liability, considering the patient’s death as an event not linked to his diligent professional service.   Il nostro studio ha recentemente ottenuto l’assoluzione (con la formula maggiormente liberatoria del “reato non sussiste”) di un medico radiologo imputato, assieme...

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What exactly are Values of the Two-Year University.

Sophisticated schooling in such a nation is promptly turning into a necessity from the online business team rather than an extravagance. With the earlier the people who experienced a secondary university guidance continue to had the possibility to fabricate a first-class globe for on their own and their people. These times are fairly quickly turning into another dieing coal from the past. Around the off possibility that you would want to have colossal buying capability amid your life time that you are wholly restricted by your grasping opportunity also, the degree of instruction you've got gotten. The uplifting information is you...

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L’ultima depenalizzazione tra i corsi e i ricorsi della Storia


Shortly the Italian legislator will be approve a measure to decriminalize those crimes deemed to be less offensive by the penal judicial system. This measure will decrease the area of the acts relevant for the penal system and increase the ones relevant for the administrative system with a possible negative repercussions on the right of defense of the offender. Guardando allo sviluppo storico della politica del diritto, si può dire che i Legislatori nazionali europei abbiano radicalmente mutato il proprio orientamento circa l’individuazione dei confini dell’area dei comportamenti umani penalmente rilevanti. E’ un fatto che, a far data dalla Rivoluzione francese,...

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